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99% Humidity

I moved to Hong Kong in 2003. The odd thing about living in a tropical environment is that you become inescapably aware of the weight and sensation of air. Heavy, significant air that light itself has to contend with. This is what I had in the back of my mind when, living in London in 2011, I began this project. I wanted to create a visual vocabulary for the feeling of humidity and even I was surprised by how ethereal the mix of light, water and air can be.

I used an ancient Holga for this project. This crude, sledge-hammer of a camera worked brilliantly to exaggerate the atmosphere I was trying to capture. All of these images are hand printed on silver gelatin paper (Ilford Art 300). More of these images will be on display in the studios of Willmott Whyte (Chelsea Award winning garden designers) in March 2013 in London.


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